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How To Work While Traveling

Updated: Feb 15

If there's one thing that my partner and I have learned, over the past couple of years is,

" If there's a will there's a way".

From day trips, to cramped private rooms, to fire pits, figuring out how to turn work & travel into fun full- fledge lifestyle was a most for us new entrepreneurs.

When working & traveling there are some things to consider; before you set off to travel:

Tip #1-

Wi-Fi connection - Time management- Tax headaches- Budget goals- Back up charger- Keep snacks on you.

Luckily, while traveling we managed to find local coffee shops, joined free networking events, and managed to build our websites on the beach including the website you're reading right now; pretty cool, right!

Today, starting & ending your work with a routine works as well.

Tip #2 -

For us,

  1. We went to the beach & meditated every rising and sun set.

  2. Set time to explore.

  3. Set focus blocks. * When you're in a different time zone keep that in mind.

  4. Then set a cut off time for the day.

Therefore, you want clutter your brain or get over excited about your adventure.

and of course, pack appropriately and secure.

You don't want to land at your d, and realize you've left behind your favorite pants, or laptop charger.

Please, pack ahead of time, & remember to not over pack.

Tip #3-

  • Make a list of essentials before you start packing & use it as a before and after checklist.

  • Also, leave room in your travel luggage, you may want to bring back a souvenir.

Additionally, do your research! Every destination is completely different.

and last share your experiences! I mean of course you're not bragging; you're just informing your friends, family, and colleagues that you can travel, have fun, and work remotely all at once.

Final Thoughts!

I kept a journal with me the entire time and took beautiful pictures without taking advantage of my work. You never know, you may inspire more like-minded people to work, maintain and take an adventure.

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