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King Neptune & Sea Statue

When visiting the Virginia Beach boardwalk, the King Neptune Statue is something you and your family won't want to miss.

King Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, was born over 5,000 years ago. Neptune was a god of springs, lakes, and rivers before becoming the god of fresh water and supreme ruler of the sea in Roman religion. He stands over 26 feet tall and turned towards the sun of Saturn. The statue presides over Virginia Beach's newest oceanfront park. Neptune's father was Saturn, and his mother was Ops, the earth mother. Neptune's siblings were Jupiter, Pluto, Juno, Ceres, and Vesta. He was also the lord of horses because he worked with Minerva to make the chariot. Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, justice, law, victory, and the sponsor of arts and trade.

King Neptune has been identified as tall and was to have black or dark hair, dressed in blue or green sea clothes, and was sitting on an oversized snail by whales, horses, or seahorses. He was represented by having his trident in his hands, which enforced his powers to control water. The cross at the bottom of the trident symbolizes the root of things, meaning the essence of nature. Along the three points meant birth, life, death, or mind, body, and spirit. Neptune was known for his violent and temper character, which was associated with earthquakes. If an earthquake happened, he was angry. Eventually, Neptune was indeed a lady's man. Yet, he fell in love with his wife and had three kids. In general, Neptune received patronage from the sea, who prayed to keep him in hope and; On July 23, Neptunalia, a civic festival that celebrates the control of the water, was dedicated to Neptune.

You can find King Neptune Statue at : 201 Market Street, Suite 204, Virginia Beach, VA 23462


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