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Beyond The Eyes

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

" Strength comes from self , but character comes from reaction ."

I watched his lips as it moved

Heard his voice as he had something to proved

But all I heard was "hood rat " which I didn't approve

See I stared into his eyes, with nothing but behoove

With not a sound nor blink, just disapprove

I continue to stay poised, so I kept my cool

Impatiently waited for my legs to premove

With nothing , but a thought " where would this lead me ."

Whether it was home or up the road, it was all in this one groove

So, which direction shall I choose.

-Tysheona Mickens-

Instagram| @Tysheonastylez

#Courage #Poem #BeyondTheEyes #RaeLouis #writing #life #art #quoteoftheday

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